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Why I want to complete this Hiragana VN

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Why I want to complete this Hiragana VN Empty Why I want to complete this Hiragana VN

Post  CJ on Wed Jul 24, 2013 3:58 pm

 This is for myself, rather than anyone else. I'm posting it here because I feel that if other people can see it, I'm more accountable.
While motivation has never really been an issue, procrastination can be at times.

Why I want to complete this Hiragana VN:

It will leave me with functionality and techniques than can be easily added to my main VN.

The feedback I have received so far (and hopefully in the future too) is invaluable, and usually things I wouldn't have thought of on my own.

It helps to get a feel for how much work is involved in the main VN.

I love teaching.

I enjoy a challenge.

I promised that the three people who are testing would get a free copy of my full game when it is eventually released. I hope they will look forward to playing it.

It will help to find any issues that may affect the full game. It's better to discover these things now, rather than much later.

It's useful to practice communication with other people regarding a single project.

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